Loyalty Rewards


Earn Points

As a NathoBuilds member, you can earn a minimum of 1 point for every $1 you spend on purchases. Points calculations are based upon dollars spent at checkout on qualifying purchases. When products are returned to the store or by mail, points will be deducted for those items returned. Rewards Points are non-transferable. Other restrictions or exclusions may apply.

Get Rewards-

When you get up to 100 points you will receive a $10 coupon code, 250 points you will receive a $15 coupon code, 1000 points you will receive a $50 coupon code.

Points Value-

  • 100 points- $10 off coupon
  • 250 points- $15 off coupon 
  • 1000 points- $50 off coupon 

Non-Qualifying Items-

Member Rewards Points will not be earned for the following: Gift Voucher purchases, any other discounts, sales, shipping charges, delivery charges.


NathoBuilds reserves the right to make changes to the rewards points program at any time.